Luis Molina

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

eXp Realty in Long Island

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About Luis Molina

With his caring attitude and love of educating his clients, Luis Molina stands apart as a rising star in Long Island real estate. The child of immigrants from Latin America, Luis got an early start in real estate at age 16 when he helped save his dad’s house from foreclosure. “I was fortunate enough to come across an investment group who took me in when I was very young,” Luis recalls. “I started working with the company and they taught me the ins and outs of foreclosures and short sales. From there, I became more and more passionate about real estate.” Now at the age of 21, Luis is in his fourth year in real estate and already has a thriving business and a loyal client base.

Luis heads Team Elite at eXp Realty with five other agents working under him. He serves the Long Island area, where he grew up. “Long Island is a great place to live,” he says. “It’s a little getaway from New York City, just 45 minutes away by car or train. We have amazing wineries, and there’s a lot of variety from one neighborhood to the next. It’s the best of both worlds, and that’s why we love working here.”

A significant portion of Luis’s business comes from repeat and referral clients, a testament to the trust he inspires. “A lot of people are attracted to what we are doing,” Luis says. “We’re young, and we’re making a difference in the community. We’ve grown our business by coming up with ideas together and helping each other out.” When it comes to marketing listings, Luis and his team have a 27-point marketing plan every listing goes through to ensure optimum exposure. This runs the gamut from professional photography to social media, as well as paid advertising online and in local newspapers.

The results bear out the success of this model, and last year Luis and his team closed 54 deals. Luis forms lasting relationships with his clients that continue long after the closing. “Most of our business comes from relationships we build,” he explains. “We try to stay on their mind through social media content, mailers, postcards, and follow-ups every quarter. We keep in touch with every customer we’ve worked with, and they remember who we are. In this industry, the more people you know, the more business you will do.”

Giving back to his community is important to Luis, and he started his own nonprofit to help and educate young people in the community. When he is not working or giving back, Luis can be found going to the gym, reading, and sharpening his real estate skills in his free time. Mostly, Luis says, “I always want to learn more and keep working. The more the business grows, the more time I want to dedicate to it!

The future looks bright for Luis, and his goals include continuing to grow his team, eventually closing over 100 deals a year, and expanding his portfolio of rental properties. “I love helping families and educating my customers,” he says. “Having that knowledge and being able to share it with others is what makes me feel more passionate about real estate all the time.”